No Nukes! TAR 16号で

TAR sticker.  “No! Nukes” “for your daily health!”  This is such a cute sticker.  It is inside a curved guardrail so it should be there for a long time!

IAOM 16号で

This is the newest IAOM sticker I have seen.  Great drawing.  Great detail.  Great location!

ビバ? 246号

ビバ? or BEAVER piece from 2010 on a highway wall on Route 246.


LIKEST ONER “SMOKERZ DELIGHT” ATS.24×7.SDP sticker in Machida.

FATZone 八王子で

WOW!  I was walking through Hachioji today and saw this beautiful FATZ one sticker on a vending machine.

This is tight!  I will keep an eye out for more!

One More BANKSY 町田で

Another BANSKY painted on the wall in Machida.  This one is also along the river.  I looked around for something more but there were only these two stencils that were done.

Banksy in Machida?

I was riding my bike around Machida today when i came across something that surprised me…  BANKSY!

Is it real?  Fake?  Hommage?  Anyone know?

The stencilsing seems pretty sloppy to me.  It looks like it might be a tribute or something.

EASY 51号線 座間

The last close up of the stickers on Route 51.  Here we have EASY, NEEK, KANE and TAR.